Australia Migration
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Australia needs People with Skills!

Australia is short of skilled people in some of its core Profession and Trade. Some of the
occupations such as IT professional, Doctors, Accountants, Nurses, etc are in most demand and
such occupations are periodically published by the Australian Government. See
Occupation in Demand list.

You may be eligible for the Australian Permanent Residency visa, if you are:
  • Between 18 and 44 years of Age?
  • A Professional or tradesman?
  • Hold a Degree, Diploma, Trade certificate, Apprenticeship or on the job training?
  • Able to communicate in English ?
  • Have at least 12 months work experience or 2 years Australian study?

Annually more tha
n 50,000 people like you, have been granted Permanent Residency each year
under the General Skilled Independent visa category by the Australian Government. In 2008-09
migration program is expected to top 133,500 under skilled categories. See Australian
Minister website to know more.

General Skilled Independent visa is a simple and straight forward process. We have made it
even simpler in our
DIY Kit.
Aussie Facts:
Australia is 6th
largest Country in
the world but
accounts for only
0.5% of the World
The Life
expectancy of an
Australian is 79.1